The prestigious Golden-House entrepreneurship and real estate company has built a new and spectacular web site. The company's profile, presents Golden-House as it is: prestigious, successful and reliable.


A Stable and Successful Office
The Golden-House real estate brokerage and entrepreneurship office is managed by Agernati Avi and Velmut Zohar.
The office has an impressive staff, which includes certified professionals with and academic education and vast expertise in the real estate brokerage and entrepreneurship field.

Real Estate Brokerage and Entrepreneurship – That’s Our Specialty
• Buying, selling and renting assets: –
Our office has a large variety of properties for either, buying, selling or renting.
We ascribe a great deal of importance to the quality of the assets we offer. Our office staff shall accompany you at all stages of the deal, starting with finding the most suitable property up to receiving the key to your new owned asset.
• Buying and selling return yielding assets, for investment purposes:
Our staff includes experts in the return yielding assets field, for both investing and selling provisions. We own a vast variety of assets, designed for different investment scopes.
• Buying, selling and renting new and second hand luxury condominiums:
Our office has vast expertise in the luxury real estate field. We hold close and constant connections with business men and private entrepreneurs, contractors and foreigners who are interested in selling or renting luxurious homes and condominiums.
• Buying and Selling lands which are set for release:
Buying and agriculture land, just prior to its release might be a once in a lifetime deal! The Golden House staff is constantly alert seeking these unique opportunities and staying up to date in the agriculture land market.

Real Estate Entrepreneurship – Building Success
Golden-House, situated in Raananna, the Pearl of the Sharon, has vast expertise in real estate entrepreneurship projects throughout the country. Our staff is skilled in managing real estate enterprises from the planning stage up to receiving the key.

Variety of Clientele
Among our clients are private parties, investors, contractors, entrepreneurs and foreign residents.

Feeling at Home from the First Time We Meet
We believe that professionalism and personal attitude are the basis for fruitful business. Thus, our staff shall do everything in its power to ensure that your experience is treated professionally and kindly, from the first meeting all the way through.

Reliability – That's our Golden Rule
Reliability to our clients is at the top of our priorities. Period.
In our office, reliability is not an empty slogan but a way of life, even in the world of business. We are extremely strict when it comes to forming relations of trust with our clients, while maintaining complete confidentiality.

The Ball is in Your Court
To say the truth, it doesn't matter where the ball is – we'll always be happy to be at your service.

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