Mitugim is a prestigious business identity and imaging studio. The point of the text represents the importance of an uncompromising image formation.


Mitugim – A professional Business Identity and Imaging Studio
Mitugim provides business image design services. These services set the visual and verbal image of the business in order to allow it to stand out.
We believe that every company must have a unique and unified communicative language. 

You Don't Have a Second Chance for the First Impression 
Verbal and visual identity builds the business's image. Image is the front window of the business. Creating the first impression inscribed in the client's memory. The first, powerful and memorable impression does not stand a second chance.

Total Recall
The necessary stages of creative business identity formation are:
• Logo design – the logo is the first graphic element engraved in the memory of potential and existing clients. An excellent logo is designed to epitomize the business essence to the target audience.
• Colors which suit the message and the target audience. Each color has a meaning and each business has a unique aspect – we specialize in pairing them up.
• Choosing the most suitable font to the message you wish to deliver to your target audience.
• Choosing the graphic line (straight, round, double dimensions, three dimensions and so on).

The necessary steps for creating a business identity in the field of copywriting and marketing oriented writing are:
• Choosing a name for your business.
• Writing a slogan which is identified with the company and strengthens the primary message.
• Forming and writing a company/ product vision.
• Forming a unified language (company language, product language, and brand language).
• Write the content for the company's web-site.

Unity is the Name of the Game
A business which does not present a unified visual image simply waists time and money on advertisement and marketing.
Without a unified front there is no connection between the business and the target audience; thus, when the target audience does not remember the business, no strategy will succeed.
A business which presents a unified identity sends a reliable, professional and secure image, creating a solid ground for a fruitful business connection.

Making all the Difference
In our age, there is a great competition over the heart (and pocket) of clients.
In order to enable the target audience to identify the quality product they search for, you must brand your business or company. The meeting point between the client and your business in a variety of medias is a moment of decision making: whether the client wishes to form a business connection with the company or not. The visual identity, defining the business to the client, makes all the difference.

Mitugim – Designing an Image
We, in Mitugim design the visual and verbal identity which will lead you straight to the heart of your target audience and set them into action, in the most professional and accurate way.
The Mitugim team includes top of line designers, multimedia experts, a copywriter and marketing and strategic experts.

Background and Business Experience
Mitugim was founded by Ofir Gafkovitz:
• Who owns a digital design studio
• Has 6 years of rich experience in the internet industry, including marketing and interactive campaigns.
• Serves as a designing and Flash Software advisor to commercial companies in Israel and abroad.
• A lecturer of Interactive design at the Open University

Mitugim Presents: Uncompromising Image Design
• Forming a design and verbal concept
• Business name, slogan and marketing oriented writing, suited for your specific type of target audience.
• Choosing a representative font for all types of media involving a connection with the target audience.
• Choosing colors which individualize and identify your business.
• Designing business papers, business cards and envelopes.
• Providing a unique web site design (image or sales oriented)
• E-Mail infrastructure design – presenting a unified graphic line.
• Designing Internet advertising campaigns.
• Designing business and imaging presentations.
• Marketing advisement: writing and improving business plans, management of advertisement budgets, public relations and sales promotion.

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