Logo Fonts & Other Animals

The idea of "Logo, Font and Other Animals" is Ofir Gafkovitch's, the digital and interactive design artist who is the owner of the Gafko Studio and the Mitugim Company. Puenta has edited and styled the copywriting text. 


Logo – A businesses best friend

A logo is a graphic symbol that sets the business apart from its competitors. It creates the first impression set in the memory of the potential client, thus it holds a cardinal function in the business image design.
Usually, the logo sets an emotional message which is more complex than it seems at first. It is a symbol that embodies multiple associations which penetrates deeply, beyond our every day cognition.
Designed in the right way, a logo represents the values of the company in a clear and precise manner and creates a sense of safety, necessary in order to form a shopping atmosphere and acquiring the consumer's trust.
An icon, engraved in the memory of potential clients, diverts the scale in favor of the product or company, in the event of indecision. Consciously or unconsciously, we buy what we know. As long as a logo leaves a greater impression, the product which you wish to promote, will sell more.

Wanted: A professional person with a vision
These days, the market's leading companies recognize the meaning of branding in general and logo in specific, as the primary part of target audience attraction. The dark ages of the world of design, when you hired the boy next door to do your logo, are over. Simply because its significance is so central, it is crucial that a visionary professional with the fitting qualifications will design the logo as an integral part of the image design.
When we in Branding design the logo of a certain company, we make sure that it reflects solely this firm, its marketing goals and the unique target audience it approaches.

No weirdoes. Thank you.
As part of the logo design, we take into consideration the variety of media's in which it would appear. Presented bellow, are the principle guidelines:
• A logo does not have to be complex. For example, the Orange Company logo is an orange square. It is enough to remind you who your partner is the next time you would like to change a cellular company.
• Be careful of creating a graphic overflow. It does not look good and usually misses the target audience due to its inaccuracy.
• It is important to design a logo that would be transmitted by fax in an optimal manner.
• It is better to design a logo on a white background. It enables to fit it to a larger variety of products.

A few words of colors
The color choice is a top priority in logo design.
From a designing perspective, the color is a central participant in creating the message sent to the target audience. For example: a yellow logo on a white background might be absorbed (might be absorbed).
Technically, a multitude of colors makes it more difficult to maintain a unified image when presented in a variety of Medias. When the client recognizes the logo in different shades every time, the sense of safety and stability we wish to establish.
Financially, creating a logo with a multitude of colors increases the printing price.

Font – the flight of the text
The font style has a great significance in setting the image of your business.
When we chose a certain font to lead the company's verbal line, we do it in order to strengthen the message. The font creates an atmosphere and evokes a certain feeling, thus it is important to choose the accurate one, as a cardinal component of the marketing plan. It is advised to choose the font style already in the first stages of the design in order to maintain unity in text.
The logo font affects the company's image, as well. On the one hand, a font, which suits to the values that the company whishes to project; will strengthen its message, image and marketing strategy.
For Example: a logo with an ornate font such as "Guttman" will create an atmosphere of an ancient, mystic and even religious character. In the event that a company wishes to set this sort of atmosphere, a font of this type will embody this feeling.
On the other hand, a use of an improper font will create, in the best case, mere imaging damage. In addition, not everything that works abroad is suitable to the local market as well. The Hebrew fonts do not look well when they are written vertically, as opposed to English and Latin letter.
Additional examples for choosing the suitable font:
• A cosmetics company that uses a thick font sets an emotional message which is contrary to the character of the company. A suitable font will be one that sends a clean, delicate and sensual sense.
• The contrary would occur if the company's target crowd is a familial one, then the company might choose a thicker font.

Size does not matter
Some tend to think that a bigger logo and a giant font set the feeling of a strong company. This is a mistake, since the purpose of the font is to set an accurate visual message which suits the target crowd.
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Logo Fonts & Other Animals
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