Peach – Falling in love on the spot
Peach is a leading and ground braking dating web site.
The point of its profile encapsulates its ground braking nature: integrating love and dating locations, world class design and an unprecedented surfing experience. 

Love, Entertainment Centers and What's In Between
Peach is a leading web site which uniquely intertwines a dating service with a vast variety of hundreds of possible dating locations throughout the country.
A Unique and Exciting Concept
On top of love, peach will provide you with a list of exquisite dating locations for your first… second… and third date…You can catch up on the hottest places, add favorite locations, rank and express your opinions. 

A Site that Is A Place
Peach has tens of thousands of entries a day, thousands of which are re-entries of subscribers who regard the site as a regular spot where they get know new people and places. Due to its massive promotion and numerous entries, the site is the number one hit on Google.
An Advanced Surfing Experience
We have formed a ground braking digital platform which provides you a light and pleasant surfing experience, optimal response speed and an on-line technical support. 

World Class Design
The site has a creative design, planned to bring the site to an international level, and beyond

Benefits and Discounts
The site's subscribers enjoy numerous discounts to entertainment centers, clubs, restaurants and selected guest rooms.
The First Date from A to Z
The site contains articles, essays, tips and a variety of entertainment locations.

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