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Being "WOWED" from The Very First Glance
Planning a grand event? Whishing it would be a surprising and exciting one? Searching for the perfect construction solutions for an exhibition or a convention? Planning an intimate party and wanting to amaze your quests? If your answer is yes, than we have the ultimate solution for you! The light and incredible structures of Inflate Israel will leave your guests with only one word "WOW".

An Innovative European Design
Inflate's light structures are designed in an innovative ravishing European style.
The modernist design is primarily formed of exquisite geometrical shapes, circular shells, cool igloos and more. This style provides the client a unique and clear presence in every event.
In addition to the extraordinary design, the color of Inflate's structures can be changed during the event, photographs and films can be screened on them and inside them, as well as printing company and brand names.

Uncompromising Astonishing Events
Inflate's light structures are built in an advanced technology which enables them to provide perfect solutions to a vast variety of events. Thanks to their light weight, as well as their construction and dismantling schedules, which are significantly shorter than any other solution available in the event production industry, the clients save precious time and benefit of maximal mobility in every event – they enjoy a fast, clean and elegant construction.

Inflate's structures' low weight does not harm their stability. They are extremely durable in all weather conditions, thanks to the sophisticated architecture design that stabilizes them from within, using weights positioned in designated areas inside the structure. The structures' stability ensures maximal practicality.

These light structures have been modularly designed – their shapes can be changed and transformed, additional areas can be added to existing structures and all in order to provide maximal flexibility and immediate response during the design and construction process of every event. This element enables a dynamic planning, allowing the clients to enlarge the structure or making it smaller, according to their needs. While the structures are not being used, they can be stored and transported rather easily since they take a small space. In short – Inflate enables you to construct a ravishing uncompromising event.

Being the Main Attraction, in Every Event, Place or Weather
Inflate's amazing structures are perfect for every event: from conferences, conventions and exhibitions to festivals, parties and weddings. In fact, these light structures have no limitation that prevents them from simply being the perfect solution for every event.

These light structures are made of top quality materials, thus, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events, from back-yard to open parks, pool-sides and on the beach.

The Mediterranean climate maximizes Inflate's advantages. Thanks to the engineering design of these structures – they can be cooled off in the hot summer and heated on a cold winter day – with maximal efficiency and minimal expense – thus creating a pleasant, relaxing and welcoming ambiance.

How Does It Work?
Inflate's Light structures are inflated in constant and exact air pressure. They are made of a strong and extremely durable fabric, and adhere to European safety regulations. Inflate, a European company, has 12 years experience in constructing these incredible structures in leading conventions, exhibitions and events.

Inflate Israel – an Exclusive Representative
Inflate's light structures can be rented and purchased in Israel.
Inflate Israel is the exclusive representative of the global Inflate Company, which has invented these exquisite structures, and is currently the leading company in this market field.
Neil Maor Feridam – a designer, entrepreneur and the owner of Levinsky's – Siggar Services for Elite Events, and Sagie Ben-Zeev Shechter – a real estate, operation and acquisition businessman, are at the head of the Inflate Israel Company.

Inflate Israel believes that an exquisite product must be accompanied with just as exquisite a service. For further information and amazing service, please call 050-5455599, 052-9776060 and contact Neil and Sagie, or visit the Inflate Israel Web Site:

Inflate IL
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