ENERCHI – A Complementary Medicine Specialists Center 

Uncompromising Natural Health!
Enerhci is a complementary medicine specialist’s center.
The center was founded in 2003 by Nahum Shahar, an L.ac, and a graduate of the Broshim Campus in Tel Aviv University.
The center has two Tel Aviv branches. An additional specialist’s clinic is scheduled to open during 2007, in Ramat Hasharon. 

Top Quality Health Care
We are committed to provide our clients with the best possible treatment, while maintaining a high level of personal and professional commitment and credibility, team work and unprecedented service level.

There is no substitute to a high level of training and rich clinical experience
The Enerchi team of specialists has been trained and certified by the leading academic institutes in Israel. After their training, and prior to their integration at Enerchi, the therapists have had their internships at active clinics and health centers, among them, The Saurasky Medical Center.

Enerchi Team – Taking Care of Your Health
Enerchi’s therapists’ staff consists only of top quality professionals.
We constantly update our methods and treatments, as well as participate in professional advanced seminar, directed by other leading specialists, nation wide.
Enerchi’s therapists’ staff has set staff meetings, during which each case is reviewed and discussed in order to ensure the best results.

The Patient is at the Heart of Our Therapy
Enerchi’s staff believes in maintaining an ongoing communication with the patient, both during and after the treatment period.
We make sure that the patient is involved in every step of the treatment, starting with specified explanations regarding offered treatment techniques, and up to deciding on the duration of the treatment, on their way to a complete recovery.

In relevant cases, the staff of therapists accompanies the patient while he/ she are facing different health care issues, even after the end of their therapy period: proper dieting, healthy posture, sports and physical shape, etc.

A Variety of Treatments, For All Health Problems and All Ages
Enerchi’s staff specializes in a variety of treatment methods: different aspects of Chinese medicine, shiatsu, twina, reflexology and oil messages.
We treat all health problems at all ages.

Top Quality Equipment
Enerchi’s staff uses the best existing equipment: acupuncture needles and advanced electro-acupuncture equipment, massage oils and more.

Feeling the Special Care Already From the First Call
Enerchi's care starts as you make the first call. We invite you to contact us and enjoy a professional and kind service, leaving you at the hands of specialists, already from the first moment.

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