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Making People Healthy and Happy is FUN
Whether you are producing a massive or intimate event; or if you wish to provide your employees with a fun, relaxing and exiting experience – Enerchi Fun has a vast variety of healthy and relaxing offers for a festive, exciting and memorable event. 

Enerchi Fun is your Strong Backbone
Enerchi Fun is a branch of Enerchi Complementary Medicine. The company operates around the clock all year long. When you invite us to your event, you can rest assured that you have a strong backbone and that each guest will go home smiling and relaxed. 

Magical Experiences on All Scales
Enerchi Fun is prepared to produce events on all scales.
You can invite us to a 5-star event and enjoy an enchanting treatment area with message beds, mattresses, relaxation areas and a white shading net; all designed to produce a festive, white and memorable event.
In addition you can invite us to produce intimate events with only a number of therapists. 

Taking Care of the Small Details
We arrive at your event fully prepared; we take care of the large, as well as the small details, and all with great fun and love. We take care of everything, in order to provide you with the most amazing event. The construction team works right on schedule; the therapists are well groomed and dressed in white; and everything looks splendid. 

Healthy Fun with a Business Touch
Enerchi Fun holds relaxing seminars and builds enchanting treatment areas which combine touch, body language sessions and healthy postures – all designed especially for the business sector. We have a rich experience in producing days of recreational activities for employees in private companies and the high tech industry. Our events are always fun, relaxing and light, leaving the guests with an enchanting memory and feel. 

The Best Therapists. Period.
The Enerchi Fun staff employs the best alternative therapists. We only employ therapists who have had a professional training in leading academic establishments, nation wide. All therapists have professional insurance, vast experience, and most importantly, a touch of gold.
Feeling the Fun – From the Very First Moment
We take pride in our high level of customer service. Contact us, and you'll be able to feel the fun from the very first moment.
Hoping to hear from you soon, Enerchi Fun Staff

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